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Kids and Grown Ups Approved!

“They loved getting all their ingredients and utensils out ready to use and then checking them against the card to make sure they had everything. They also loved cracking the eggs. Kids just love cracking eggs!! Honestly, they really had a fun time doing it and as I am not a natural baker, it helped me also. Plus… it tasted delicious”

Bren, Mum of Grace & Annabelle (Age 6)

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – Cooking subscription box for kids

Great lunchtime alternative!

‘Edward absolutely loved making the Rainbow Omelette Muffins today, the recipe was easy to follow with simple instructions. He couldn’t wait for them to cool down to have a taste. Great lunchtime alternative and perfect healthy after school snack for his big sister.

Silicone moulds would definitely have helped  (we don’t have any) as they stuck slightly to the paper cases that we had in the cupboard’.

Jen, Mum of Edward (age 4)

I did it all on my own!

‘I really enjoyed making the bread, it was quick and fun and I hardly made any mess…. Mummy was happy about that!’

Lily (age 11)

What’s inside each box?

1 x Welcome Note

Sid & Nancy reveal
this months’ theme!

1 x Scavenger Hunt

Can you find the ingredients from this shopping list first?!

3 x Recipe Cards

Prepare each dish with
step-by-step illustrations

1 x Kitchen Creative

Get creative and enjoy
three themed activities!

5 x Collectibles

Jokes, facts and challenges. Plus an iron-on badge!

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – What's Inside – Unboxing Video

Sid & Nancy’s Unboxing!

Watch Sid & Nancy take you through everything that is in each of our boxes and share all their favourite bits about The Cooking Academy.

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Just for Laughs

  • Q: When does bread rise?
  • A: When you yeast expect it to!

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