Our Story

Hi, I’m Nic, Sid & Nancy’s Mum!

As a family we love to cook and eat! We hope that through our cooking boxes we will teach you to have a fun, healthy, happy approach to food.

Have fun making delicious memories together!

Why our family loves cooking?

I grew up watching my Mum & Dad mostly Mum to be fair, cooking for us as a family. Our kitchen was the heart of the home and her birthday cakes, were a particular speciality, I’ll never forget the time she made a roof out of Shredded Wheat and put the candles to close! The fire brigade were on speed dial after that one!

Anyway, she put up with my constant questions, making me feel like my curiosity was something really positive. In turn, this was the beginning of my love for food. With a background in food science I understand first hand, that being able to cook & understand food can make your life better and I am passionate about wanting all children to have the opportunity to find the joy and wonder of cooking in their every day lives.

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – Cooking Subscription Box – Our Story
'Sid and Nancy The Cooking Academy Monthly Subscription Box'

Why I started
Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy

Since my first attempt at cooking with Sid & Nancy, involving a huge amount of mess, food colouring & cake gloop in hair I have been listening to, and observing, what kids say about cooking — they love it!

When it is hands-on and they are free to explore their thoughts and ideas, who knows what creations they will conjure up!

Unleash a love of cooking!

Along the way, I have gathered together some of our favourite family recipes and some new ones (all tested by us at home) for you to make your own. I’ve packaged up my mission into a humble box, ready to unleash a love of cooking in your home.

I truly hope you find that the Sid & Nancy cookery box delivers that warm feeling of family time well spent, a niggling need to ask questions and, most of all, the confidence your children need to start doing their own cooking! Have fun!

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'Sid and Nancy The Cooking Academy Monthly Subscription Box'

Meet our family!

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – Sid Character Family


This boy can eat! His favourite phrase being ‘Mmmmm can I try that Mummy?’ Having recently discovered that eating beetroot makes your wee turn pink he just can’t get enough of it!

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – Jay Character Family

Jay (Dad)

The maths man! If you’ve got a problem, he’ll solve it! A qualified engineer, Jay is responsible for how much Nic can spend on each box! What would we do without him!

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – Nancy Character Family


Where would we be without our mess instigator? She loves to make biscuits with Daddy & has perfected cracking eggs to make scrambled eggs!

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – Nic Character Family

Nic (Mum)

Nic is a qualified food scientist & consultant to the food industry. A self-confessed foodie, she spends most of her time writing & testing new recipes & coming up with new themes for each monthly box!

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Just for Laughs

  • Q: When does bread rise?
  • A: When you yeast expect it to!

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