Sid and Nancy The Cooking Academy Monthly Subscription Box

What’s inside your monthly box?

See below everything that is included in each of the Sid & Nancy cooking boxes.

1 x Welcome Note

Sid & Nancy include a welcome note
in every box to introduce that month’s
theme and say a little hello :)

They also want to remind you to share
all your creations with us

'Sid and Nancy The Cooking Academy Monthly Subscription Box'
'Sid and Nancy The Cooking Academy Monthly Subscription Box'

3 x Recipe Cards

Your monthly box contains three tried and tested recipes for kids. Enjoy cooking and preparing each dish with step-by-step illustrations.

Our recipe cards are laminated, reusable, wipeable and perfect for any age!

1 x Scavenger Hunt

There is a complete shopping list included in each box. Inspire a lifelong love of learning & good food with this supermarket Scavenger Hunt card!

Available digital and printed. Can you find the ingredients from this shopping list first?!

'Sid and Nancy The Cooking Academy Monthly Subscription Box'

1 x Kitchen Creative

Get creative and enjoy hands-on arts and crafts activities, experiments, and foodie games for family table fun!

The Kitchen Creative activities are all different and themed for each box.

5 x Kids Collectibles

Have fun with all the family with each
month’s collectibles.

Bonkers Food Facts, Just For Laughs &
Chatter Time cards – designed to get the conversation started at dinnertime – plus an illustrated colourful iron-on apron badge.

Sid & Nancy The Cooking Academy – Choose Your Subscription

Choose your subscription

Select your Sid & Nancy cookery box subscription and enjoy quality family time every month. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Have fun!

Order your first box!

Do you have any special dietary requirements?

Gluten & Wheat

Alternatives for those who are coeliacs or gluten intolerant.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Plant-based replacements
for all S&N recipes.

Dairy & Lactose

Alternatives for those who are lactose or diary intolerant.

Halal & Kosher

Directly swap ingredients for alternatives if appropriate.

Low sugar

We have a few suggestions for those limiting their sugar.


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Just for Laughs

  • Q: When does bread rise?
  • A: When you yeast expect it to!

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